Dos Bros

The BossHoss
2015 Dos Bros

Rock Funk Classic rock Folk Country Rhythm and blues Rockabilly Rock and roll

CD Album
Deluxe Edition


  1. Wait for me
  2. Dos Bros
  3. Joy ridin'
  4. Today, tomorrow, too long, too late
  5. I like it like that
  6. Star of the roadcrew
  7. She is a little b
  8. Tennessee woman
  9. I'm coming home
  10. Lady JD
  11. A cowboys work is never done


  1. No diggity (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
  2. Jolene (feat. The Common Linnets)
  3. Geronimo (feat. Aura Dione)
  4. The beautiful people
  5. Walking away (feat. Rea Garvey)
  6. What I did for love (feat. Nena)
  7. Candy shop
  8. Thrift shop
  9. Easy
  10. Boom boom (feat. The Graveltones)

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