Peachtree Road

Elton John
2004 Peachtree Road

Rock Pop rock Pop Soul Rhythm and blues Glam rock Piano rock Rock and roll

CD Album
Standard Edition

  1. Weight Of The World
  2. Porch Swing In Tupelo
  3. Answer In The Sky
  4. Turn The Lights Out When You Leave
  5. My Elusive Drug
  6. They Call Her The Cat
  7. Freaks In Love
  8. All That I'm Allowed
  9. I Stop And I Breathe
  10. Too Many Tears
  11. It's Getting Dark In Here
  12. I Can't Keep This From You
  13. The Heart Of Every Girl
  14. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word [feat. Blue]
  15. Rocket Man [2004 mix]
  16. Rocket Man [Royal Gardens radio mix]
  17. Rocket Man 2k4 [KDME remix]
  18. Your Song [live]

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