Jojo Effect
2014 Smarter

Downtempo Future Jazz Jazz Hip hop Swing Trip hop Electronic Nu-Jazz Acid Jazz

CD Album
Standard Edition

  1. Smarter
  2. Mungo Swing
  3. Sweet Heart
  4. Boog It [Jojo Effect & Gardener Of Delight Remix]
  5. Rockin The Blue
  6. Feel's Like
  7. Hollywood (feat. Zouzoulectric)
  8. Aha
  9. Aguas De Marco
  10. Stranded
  11. Gimme A Soulbeat
  12. Minor Pie
  13. Stay Away From My Man [Gardener Remix]
  14. Suddenly [Electronic Mix]
  15. You're The Love
  16. That's What You Get

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