Blood Red Sandman

2016 Blood Red Sandman

Heavy Metal, Lionheart

MC Compilation
Limited Edition

  1. Get Heavy
  2. Devil is a Loser
  3. Would You Love a Monsterman
  4. Last Kiss Goodbye
  5. Don't Let My Mother Know
  6. Blood Red Sandman
  7. My heaven is Your Hell
  8. The Children of the Night
  9. Hard Rock Hallelujah (Full Version)
  10. Good to be Bad
  11. Forsaken Fashion Dolls
  12. Evilove
  13. The Ghosts Of Heceta Head
  14. Evilyn
  15. Hate At First Sight (Digipack Version)
  16. Babez For Breakfast
  17. This is Heavy Metal
  18. Devils Lullaby
  19. Horrifiction
  20. Scare Force One
  21. House of Ghosts
  22. She's a Demon
  23. Call Off the Wedding (feat. Bruce Kulick)

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